Types of Forklift Injuries

Defective Forklifts

Even though the law requires forklift manufacturers to include safety features, many forklift accidents are caused by defective design or unsafe design. If the injury is caused because of either a defective design or a manufacturing defect in the forklift, the manufacturer may be responsible under product liability laws.

Negligent Operation

Sometimes employers, contractors and forklift operators are more concerned with getting the work done quickly than getting it done safely. This is negligence. When safety rules are ignored, several types of preventable accidents occur, including:

  • Collisions with Pedestrians
    Collisions with pedestrians can be caused by careless forklift operation, speeding, inattention, overloading, the lack of signal alarms, or flashing warning lights. Unfortunately, some companies allow their employees to disconnect signal alarms and warning lights because they consider it a nuisance.
  • Falling Objects
    When operated negligently, forklifts can drop their loads causing them to fall and injure bystanders. Forklifts can strike other objects causing them to fall on bystanders.
  • Rollover/Tipping Over
    An overloaded forklift can tip or rollover, crushing or killing people nearby. Even if the forklift doesn’t strike someone, the material the forklift was carrying can injure or kill people who are a considerable distance away. Overloading can also obstruct the forklift operator’s view which can lead to collisions with pedestrians.
  • Unsafe Driving Conditions and Rough Terrain
    Narrow, congested or obstructed pathways and driveways, rough terrain, and low visibility can lead to serious forklift accidents. This is a frequent cause of injuries.

Whether the injury is caused by lack of or disconnected sound alarms, or flashing lights, overloading, or driving negligence, the fault is on the driver and the driver’s company. Unfortunately, when an accident occurs, the company may blame the innocent victim. When this happens, you need an experienced and skillful forklift injury attorney on your side.

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